A Joyful Cause

“Makena” is the African Kikuyu tribe’s word for “happy one,” and Makena Children’s Foundation, Inc., already is bringing great joy to the lives of African children and the child advocates who support them.

All support of Makena Children’s Foundation comes from individual donors, civic organizations, church groups and grants.

About the Elephants

In elephant groups, the young are cherished. There is excitement over the birth of a baby, and a young elephant never goes long without a loving touch of encouragement from one of its elders. When there’s danger in the wild, the young are circled for protection.

Founders of Makena Children’s Foundation believe humanity would, in many instances, do well to emulate the loving environment in which elephants envelope their young. That’s why we honor the elephant in our logo.

What can we do to help the children?

In 1995, Sherri Mills made her first trip to Kenya. As she learned about the people, their culture, values and the challenges they face, she was inspired to help. She asked Peter Muigai Muruthi, her guide on the trip, what she could do , and he quickly provided the answer: Help the children learn.

Peter had grown up in a very poor family. He knew firsthand the difference education can make in the life of a Kenyan child.

When friends and family heard about Sherri’s plans to help, they wanted to join in providing financial support for the education of two Kenyan children. Both were members of large families. Both also had suffered the loss of a parent.

That’s how it began.

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