To provide education as the most sustainable path out of poverty to children in rural Kenya.

In the summer of 1997, Makena Children’s Foundation, Inc., was established as a 501(c)(3) organization to enable young children to attend excellent boarding schools. The support we provide takes care of tuition, school supplies, room, board, transportation and personal items.

We want to give one child from as many families as possible an opportunity to attend a boarding school because the lack of resources provided to village schools means most students will not get the education needed to qualify for secondary schools.

We will continue to support our students for as long as they are able to take advantage of the opportunity- including through higher education at universities. As our students mature, we will ask for their commitment to use their education to benefit their families and villages.

Through the education of one child, then, we impact a family. Through a number of families, we impact a village. And, perhaps, the village will impact other villages. This is the essence of changing the world one child at a time.

Our Vision

To offer love, encouragement and opportunity through charitable support to children in the hope that their lives will, in turn, further enrich the people of their communities.